Gunter grass was in the hospital

Gunter grass was in the hospitalGerman writer and Nobel laureate Gunter grass, who recently appeared in the center of controversy because of anti-Israel poem, went to the hospital, Hamburger Abendblatt writes.On this edition of the representative of the clinic of Saint George "Asklepios", where he had been a writer on the evening of 16 April.Gunter grass will be in the clinic a few days. During this time he will be given a comprehensive examination. According to the representative of the hospital, 84-year-old nephew who suffers from heart trouble, is forced to undergo regular checkup at the doctors. The clinic refused to provide details of the status of the writer before you get his permission.In early April, grass published a poem called "what to say", which criticized Israeli authorities for threatening a preemptive strike on Iran. He called the Jewish state a "threat to the fragile peace" and urged the international community to monitor the nuclear program not only Iran, but also Israel. In response, the authorities of the Jewish state was hit with harsh criticism on the writer, forbidding him entry into the country. Читать полностью -->

The group `Aquarium` album

The group `Aquarium` album The group "Aquarium" album in honor of the coming 2012. New creation collective Boris Grebenshikov was published at 00:01 on 1 January in the portal where are published all the latest drives "Aquarium".The single consists of two songs - "Santa Claus Blues" and "Foreman". By tradition, the "Circles" single can not only listen, but to download for any price.In 2012 "the Aquarium" will celebrate its 40th anniversary. The group was founded in Leningrad in the summer of 1972 students of Boris Grebenshikov and Anatoly Hunicke. My first official (or, by definition BG, "natural") the album "Aquarium" was released in 1981.The latter at the moment, the 29th Studio album called "Arkhangelsk" was released in September 2011.Source: the Group "Aquarium" album . . Читать полностью -->

Continue reading `Wolverine` will be shot in Sydney

Continue reading `Wolverine` will be shot in SydneyShooting is based on the Marvel comics film "the Wolverine" "The Wolverine") will be conducted in Sydney, Australia, according to the website Deadline.The filming location was chosen due to the fact that the Australian government has agreed to give the filmmakers the benefit in the amount of 12.8 million USD. Planned budget "Wolverine" is 80 million dollars. The film should begin in August 2012."Wolverine" is a continuation of tape 2009 "X-Men: the Beginning. Wolverine" X-Men Origins: Wolverine"). The first film was set by Gavin Hood and grossed $ 373 million U.S. with a budget of $ 150 million.The Director of the sequel was appointed by James Mangold ("walk the line", "Train to Yuma", "Knight and day"). Читать полностью -->

Favorite `Dakar-2012` broke his spine

Favorite `Dakar-2012` broke his spineCzech driver Ales Loprais broke two vertebrae as a result of a serious accident that happened to his crew on the ninth stage of the rally "Dakar-2012".One of the main favorites of "Dakar-2012" in the truck class - Loprais, who spoke on "Tatra", concluded his speech after the ninth, the longest stage of the rally 374-kilometer route Antofagasta - Iquique his truck overturned at high speed. According to witnesses, fractured parts of the machine were scattered in a radius of 50-60 meters."After a very intense first part of the stage, the truck ran a mechanic Peter Almasy, who, unfortunately, fell asleep. Unfortunately, I and my co-driver Michal Ernst also at this time slept. I woke up only at the moment when the car at high speed drove into the ravine. I shouted to Peter, but he did not Wake up. The blow was very strong, from the truck immediately came off two wheels, and then we flipped several times. Читать полностью -->

New `Robocop` will be released in 2013

New `Robocop` will be released in 2013Sony Pictures chose the premiere date of the new version of "Robocop". As reported in the official press release, the film will be released on 9 August 2013.Recall that the picture Director appointed Brazilian Director josГ© Padilla, and executing the role of Alex Murphy will be a Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, known to audiences for the films "the girl with the dragon tattoo", "Phantom" and others.The main competitor of the new "Robocop" in theaters will be the animated film "Despicable me 2" coming on the screens around the same time. Source: New "Robocop" will be released in 2013. . . . Читать полностью -->

In the Network appeared the shots `showdown` Dzhigurda with the priest

In the Network appeared the shots `showdown` Dzhigurda with the priest The controversial showman Nikita Dzhigurda in an interview with RIA "New region" stated his version of the scandal on the TV channel RTR, which the actor was accused of manhandling to the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.We will remind, the head of the Association of Orthodox experts Kirill Frolov said that was beaten by showman Nikita Dzhigurda. "It happened at the shooting of the TV program "live" on RTR. Dzhigurda attacked me with his fists, threats and swearing, hitting me in the jaw," - said Frolov portal "Interfax-Religion".Told victim, the program was devoted to the problem of "acceptable pornography". Representatives of the ROC insisted that the demonstration of the female body is unacceptable in principle. Dzhigurda objected.In an interview with "HP" Nikita Dzhigurda stated his version of the events in the Studio."Kirill Frolov said that I hit him. I lost count already how many times I say that I never actually hit. Читать полностью -->

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